Sais Airport Parking

Onsite lots offer covered and uncovered spaces with convenient access points that allow drivers to quickly come and go when needed. For travelers who wish for more convenience, there is also an option for valet services that includes a secure carwash area and assistance in getting parked safely.

Additionally, the management has implemented various safety measures, such as surveillance cameras at each lot entrance, to ensure the safety of users' vehicles while they are away from home.

Sais Airport Parking

Address: Aéroport Fes Saïss Oulad Tayeb, Fes 30000, Morocco
Phone: +212 535 62 48 00

Disabled Parking at Sais Airport

The airport's accessible parking spaces offer a wide range of services that make it easy for people with disabilities to get around. These include dedicated drop-off areas, designated wheelchair-accessible ramps, extra-wide parking bays, and secure access points throughout the airport complex.

Disabled passengers can also book special assistance at their convenience by calling an onsite representative to help them during their journey. For those traveling independently, specially adapted lifts and elevators provide easy access to all parts of the terminal building, including shops, restaurants, and departure gates.

In addition, Sais Airport has put various measures designed to ensure safety for disabled travelers when using public transport such as taxis or buses. These measures include special designations for vehicles carrying passengers with mobility impairments and additional signage making it easier for such passengers to identify appropriate stops along routes running through the city center or outlying regions of Morocco.

Short-Term Parking at Sais Airport

Sais Airport charges MAD 5.00 per hour for short-term parking.

Short-term parking is available at the airport adjacent to the main terminal. The parking lot is convenient for individuals who must leave their vehicles for a day or a few hours.

Long-Term Parking at Sais Airport

Sais Airport charges MAD 30.00 per day for long-term parking.

There is a separate parking area for those staying longer at the airport, located some distance from the terminal. You'll have to use a shuttle bus to get to the terminal. Those who need to leave their vehicle for a week or more may find this parking lot the most convenient option.

Form of Payment at Sais Airport

The parking lots have machines where cash or credit cards can be inserted to pay for parking.

Safety Parking Tips of Payment at Sais Airport

The airport offers designated parking lots for short-term and long-term parking. It is important to check the signs before leaving your vehicle. All vehicles must be parked orderly with no obstructions so as not to block any traffic flow.

Sais Airport also strongly recommends that all vehicles use their parking lights or headlights when entering or exiting the lot, increasing the visibility of other drivers on site. Additionally, visitors should refrain from using cell phones while driving within the parking area to avoid distractions that could lead to an accident.

It would help if you also took pictures of your car with license plate numbers before leaving it unattended at the airport for safety purposes. Following these simple tips can help ensure you have a pleasant time at Sais Airport without putting yourself or others at risk during your stay.

Map of Car Parks at Fes Airport